January 2015 [link to original article]


With around sixty percent of online activity now taking place on smartphones and tablets, mobile websites have truly come of age. Responsive Web Design (RWD) allow cross-platform browsing but a site designed specifically for mobile devices will always provide a far superior user experience.

Why are mobile-specific websites so much better? One reason is that they are specifically designed for handheld devices operating over 3G/4G, coded to be light on a customer’s data plan whilst optimising download speed. Mobile devices also differ radically from PCs in available memory and the way they are navigated.

The latest generation of mobile browsers are capable of handling new web technologies like CSS Mobile and XHTML Mobile, so your mobile site can be just as engaging as your desktop version. Google appreciates a well-made mobile site just as much as your customers do, ranking mobile-optimised websites higher when searched from mobile devices. You are also at an advantaged by prioritising in local search results via device GPS.

The proliferation of mobile devices and operating systems means that an Affinity mobile site must be rock solid. With each new generation of smartphone and OS update, your site must render perfectly without requiring any expensive updates. Affinity’s developers make sure every mobile site is both cross-platform and futureproofed.

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